October 14, 2016
10 months and 8 days since
the event.

Jedi Training Fun Run!

Families, this is our main fundraiser this year and the MOST DIRECT way to fund the events that make Leffingwell so special! There will be no Fall catalog fundraiser, so your support is much needed and appreciated!

Our goal is to raise $26,000 to fund meaningful and fun learning experiences for our students!

  • Students collect pledges in the envelope that went home Monday, 9/26 or online. Share our site on social media!
  • Leffingwell students will “Run for Fun” for flat amount pledges. 
  • Laps will be tallied as students run so they can show family & friends how they did.


To raise money for EVERY grade level’s field trips, a snow day for all grade levels, Science & the Arts Assemblies, Gold Rush Days, hands on learning experiences, and classroom technology.


Family and friends who support our Leffingwell students.


On the big field.


Friday, October 14th 

K-2nd 9:00am - 10:00am
3rd-5th 10:45am - 11:45am


*Donations are tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt with 503-C tax ID information
*Note We will still do the popular Mrs. Field’s Cookie fundraiser for all you holiday bakers!

Students will wear t-shirt colors that co-incide with last years’ musical:

  • Kinder  : Black
  • Grade 1: Gold/Yellow
  • Grade 2: White
  • Grade 3: Blue
  • Grade 4: Lime green
  • Grade 5: Red